safety rules



2. Life Jackets are to be worn at all times inside the gate.

3. Sailors are to ALWAYS have a volunteer to assist them when on the dock.

4. It is recommended that each sailor and volunteer apply sunscreen before they sail.

5. Volunteers, lift in teams to improve safety.

6. Sailing will be cancelled with winds of 25mph (21knots), or if conditions are deemed unsafe by the CCSA board members.

7. Have Fun and be safe!

Call the CC Sail AWAY Hotline @ 361-881-3325 for sailing day information or weather updates.

safety rules


“If you can see it, flee it; if you can hear it, clear it”

1. Watch the sky and check the news for dangerous weather. (safety personnel and or a designated spotter will watch the sky for lightning)

2. If you see lightning or hear thunder, notify the chase boat immediately.(Alert the entire fleet over the radios and wait for a response from each boat)

3. Chase boat immediately begins bringing the boats to the dock once lightning is spotted.(the added time to sail in is very hazardous to everyone involved)

4. All participants will take shelter as soon as possible. If time allows, rack all boats and equipment. Otherwise, secure boats to the dock and seek shelter (equipment can be replaced, but people cannot!)

5. Activity will not resume for a minimum of 30 minutes from the time of the last lightning strike or sound of thunder.(Statistically, more lightning originates from the back edge of a thunderstorm than from the front side)

6. If weather is threatening, use discretion; do not wait for the first flash of lightning. Seek shelter to avoid a strike. (Many times the first lightning strike will catch you off guard and catch you unsafe!)

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